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issue 4

Would you right or left swipe me? Our latest issue is our biggest yet and investigates intimacy in photography and what it means? Featuring projects from: Lewis Khan, Iacopo Pasqui, Molly Matalon, Adama Jalloh, Christopher Nunn, Tomas Bachot, Arseni Khamzin, Hoda Afshar, Michael Kirkham, Gábor Arion Kudász. And contributions from Emma Bowkett and Jim Campbell.


issue 3

Who do you think you are? Despite the plummeting pound, issue #3 has more pictures, words, pages than ever before.  Featuring projects from: Rose Marie Cromwell, Ewan Telford, Fabrizio Albertini, Whitten Sabbatini, William Spooner, Julia Autz, Christopher Bethell, Hill& Aubrey, Miriam Stanke, Daniel Castro Garcia and Sander Marsman


Issue 2

Our second issue investigates how the next generation of photographers are shifting the way that we look at images. As well as how they are adapting to changing spheres. Featuring projects from: Ana Catarina Pinho, Cian Oba-Smith, Gianfranco Gallucci, Ke Peng, Laurence Rasti, Marco Kesseler, Olivia Poppy Coles, Thomas Dryden Kelsey, Tom Jamieson, Tommy Sussex, Zora J Murff.


Issue 1

Issue 1 is a celebration of contemporary documentary photography showcasing projects by ten emerging photographers. Featuring projects from: Tim Bowditch, Juan Madrid, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Harry Mitchell, Lewis Khan, Tammy Mercure, Eduardo Leal, Jessica Bishopp, John Lusk Hathaway, Luke Casey